Ode to BSU’s In’s and Out’s

Welcome back Bears! I hope everyone had a great break, but now that we’re all back there’s something important we need to discuss. Let me set the scene—it’s a Wednesday night at 9:00 P.M. I just returned to campus, and as I went to park in a silly little Weygand spot, there was nothing. Which is fine, expected and annoying, but fine. Then I checked MBTA, then Shea Durg, then Great Hill…literally nothing. 

I was sent to the depths of Tower Lot to trek through the rain back to my dorm. 

What the flip! Parking at BSU is so not in…this sparked my interest in setting the narrative straight. There are so many ins and outs for BSU that we need to address. Luckily for you, I have just been sitting here tapping my feet excited to share my thoughts about this.

So yeah…parking at BSU is out, but what’s in? 

Campus crushes. While I myself have not had one for a bit, most of my friends do and it is one of the craziest phenomenons I have ever witnessed. Like, I’ve heard tons about the lives of random people I do not know and it all comes down to the internet stalking my friends have done of their campus crushes. Readers, do not judge because I know you have done it too. 

With that being said, another out: stealing seats. Are they assigned? No, but I don’t care. On the first day of classes I always go early so I can scope out the seating and pick my ideal spot. I achieved that for all of my classes, but one of my seats was already taken. I don’t want to be over dramatic, but respectfully, I hope the desk you stole squeaks a lot and the chair is uncomfortable. 

To end on a positive note, my last in is just Bear’s Den. I love Bear’s Den. They have good soup (sometimes, I’m very picky), great breakfast (you have to GrubHub for the greatness), and last but certainly not least, the people who bring it all together. I love the staff at Bear’s Den, especially my queens at the pasta station. I hope they have a great day everyday.


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