Foolproof Ways To Cure Depression (Foolish Edition)

Are you depressed? Yes? Well, I have news for you! This entire time you’ve been wasting your time sitting here depressed, the cure for depression has been right under your nose the whole time. I’m going to reveal to you the secret to living a mentally healthy, depression-free life. One of the easiest ways of curing that good old clinical depression is taking (1) prescribed walk outside to breathe in that fresh earthly air. Smell that? That’s the smell of life! How could you be depressed when there is so much of that around you, I mean come on! As you feel the sunlight sinking into your skin you can practically feel the depression leave your body! 

While you’re at it, drink a cup of water, because one more cup of water added to the water you normally drink as a human being is going to definitely cure you this time. By the way, if you’re anxious, just stop worrying about that. You don’t need to freak out so much all the time. Panic attacks getting you down? Simply breathe! Just breathe and you won’t have to deal with panic attacks anymore. I’m sure now that you’ve read this incredibly moving and inspiring list you will be able to tackle your depression head on and most definitely cure it. Stop worrying so much!

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