Bridgewater Dining Needs to Change

As an organization dedicated to spreading knowledge and truth, we take the safety and wellbeing of the student body very seriously. It is with a heavy heart that we must inform the student body of the unprofessional and downright dangerous behavior being demonstrated by Bridgewater Dining.

Concerns were brought up by the student body regarding serious issues with sanitation and lack of care when preparing food for students with eating restrictions, as mentioned in an article of this paper regarding Bridgewater dining. While working on an article regarding the professional status of Bridgewater dining amidst a petition put out by students with these concerns, a member of our Staff had to go to the hospital due to a severe allergic reaction after ordering food from Bears Den dining hall.

The student in question specifically asked for their food to be prepared in a separate, allergen free area, a service that Bears Den supposedly provides if an allergy is noted, a fact that was stated in an interview with Staci DeSimone.

Students have been put harm’s way, and no matter how many times it has been brought up to Bridgewater Dining’s management team, they have shown little to no regard for the health and safety of the student body, refusing to listen to students who beg for their opinions to be heard.

When will BSU dining change to listen to the students?  Why would they refuse to fix things when valid, lifesaving concerns are being brought up consistently?

While the importance of food preparation has been gone over by the school again and again, it would seem that they can’t get their actions to match their words. No matter how many times a statement is released and dining pledges to change their ways, unless they actually get it together and put safety first the student body will continue to protest these actions.

Bridgewater Dining needs to change, and in the opinion of this paper they need to change now.

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