Dune: Part Two is a Masterpiece

Dune: Part Two might be the best film of 2024. 

Not many films have come out this year, and most have been awful (Madame Web, Megamind 2, Argyle, Mean Girls), but this film was so good, I’m ready to see that 2024 has been on par with 2023. 

This film flawlessly picks up where the last left off. Some of the Arrakins believe that Paul Atreides is the prophesied Messiah, others believing him to be a fraud. He needs to work throughout the film to convince them to join his side so he can get his revenge for the massacre of his family. This is as far as I’ll go in detailing the plot, roughly the first 20 minutes. 

The film had incredible special effects. Seeing the desert worms travel the deserts at high speeds looks great, and seeing people ride them is really cool. The action shots are done well, none are over the top or too long. Fights are short and quick, characters aren’t talking or jumping around the room like John Wick, they make a few moves, and then someone dies. 

An entire scene on another planet was filmed in infrared vision to give it this otherworldly black and white look.

The score was great as well. The Hans Zimmer (he/him) score will likely win for best score at every major award show. It transports you into this desert planet, feeling the love and confusion Paul feels there. The score during the battles are similarly immersive, with the booming sounds being perfect for a theater.

A complaint might just be that this film was perfect for a theater, with a massive screen and booming speakers being the only way to watch this, as it was meant to be watched. I honestly can’t imagine watching this movie in my room on my 14-inch laptop. 

Another complaint is the run time; 166 minutes is really long and there are a few scenes that drag on the film’s pacing. But these scenes are few and far between. 

Overall, this is the best new film i’ve seen in the last several years, I give it an easy 9/10.

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