Presidents Have Never Been Older

Presidential candidates have never been older.

It can be tough to remember a time when people running were not on retirement benefits but that time did exist. Obama (he/him) was 51 when he ran for reelection, Mitt Romney (he/him) was 65.

Bush Jr. (he/him) was 54, Bill Clinton (he/him) was 46, Bush Sr. (he/him) was 64, and finally Ronald Regan (he/him) was 69 years old. Ronald Regan would end his term at the age of 77. That’s how old Donald Trump (he/him) currently is.

Not only are they old, but each has been showing signs of their age. Biden (he/him) has been constantly seen struggling to finish his sentences, confusing world leaders with each other, and going off topic at press conferences. Republicans have pounced on this, which has led to Democrats to defend him at every turn, saying they are being ageist to point this out.

But it isn’t ageist to point out an old man getting confused, nor is it ageist to say that maybe a man who somewhat often makes these mistakes shouldn’t be the leader of the free world.

And it’s not ageist to question his ability after a government investigation chose not to press charges in part because of his “poor memory.”

Trump isn’t perfect either. While not as often, he also makes these mistakes. He has repeatedly said that he is running against Obama, and that in 2016 he beat Obama. He’s also confused Nikki Haley (she/her) with Nancy Pelosi (she/her) and Jeb Bush (he/him) with George Bush (he/him).

It’s not just memory; older Americans are more likely to have heart attacks, strokes, get seriously ill, and are more likely to break bones when they do something like fall. There is a serious chance that their vice president will take over before their term finishes.

In 2028, the candidates will likely be decades younger. Nikki Haley and Ron Desantis (he/him) are in their 50s and 40s each, and Gavin Newsom (he/him) and Kamala Harris (she/her) are in their 50s each. Old candidates aren’t the norm, just the present.

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