ATLA Brings New Elements to the Table

On February 22, Netflix released the live action Avatar The Last Airbender show with eight episodes, each about an hour long. They are based on the Nickelodeon cartoon released in the early 2000s, as well as a live action movie made in 2010. Bringing a new perspective from the books and films brought back nostalgia for audiences who were previously fans, while still adding new material to keep everyone entertained. 

The show is set in a world where certain people called “benders” can control one of four elements; water, earth, fire, or air. It focuses on a young boy, Aang, who discovers he is the Avatar, master of all four elements. He and his companion’s journey throughout the world of Avatar (no, not the one with blue people) to attempt to restore peace. Aang faces challenges against the fire nation’s vicious attacks, establishing trust and peace, as well as discovering who he is.  

Being someone who watched the cartoon, the movie, and read some of the books, I thought the show gave rather good representation in terms of how each character was portrayed and the world they live in. There is a lot of ancient mythology and religious beliefs incorporated throughout the stories, giving a magical and creative element to the show.

In comparison to the 2010 live action movie, this show defiantly adds more elements- no pun intended. The characters’ ethnicities, such as the culture of the water tribes and air temples, were highly detailed and strongly regarded. The show now not only has a diverse cast, but incredible props and sets. Each costume is beautifully crafted and fits each character in respect to where they are from, what they do, and what their significance is. Details such as the makeup on the Kyoshi warriors or the hairstyles of characters really adds to the depth of their belonging in the story. Details were also heavily focused on set and scenery, whether it was animation or interactive settings. With the constant switching between the real world and mythical worlds for these characters, I was impressed, overall entertained, and would recommend it if you’re looking for a new show to watch.  

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