Intramural Sports at BSU

Calling all athletes, sports lovers, or really just any BSU students! If you’re looking for something fun to do with friends, getting involved in intramurals at BSU is the thing for you! It’s a great way to get involved and play your favorite sports! 

Bridgewater State offers many great sports to play throughout the year that are sure to catch your interest. In the Fall season, the sports that are offered include Flag Football (which is already active), dodgeball, 3v3 basketball, competitive volleyball, recreation volleyball, and indoor soccer. The Spring intramurals include a dodgeball tournament, handball, floor hockey, men’s recreation basketball, men’s competitive basketball, and outdoor soccer. 

With these sports in mind, it’s important to keep in mind when you should sign up. As previously stated, Flag Football has already begun, so if that is something you are interested in then you should definitely consider it for next year!

For the other sports, you can learn more information regarding registering for each sport on the BSU intramurals Instagram (@bsu_intramurals), Twitter (@BSU_intramurals), Facebook (Bridgewater Sport Intramural Sports) or on On these platforms, information regarding sign-ups will be made available during the registration window!

Some things you must do prior to registering is creating a team for your sport and collecting money to pay your sign-up fee. Consider your sport and how many people you want on a team. For instance, if you want to play volleyball, maybe get a team of at least 6-12 people just so everyone can get some substantial playing time. The sign-up fee is $30 per team, which can be split up easily between every player. 

Need some more convincing to play? You must put in all your effort when you play, because the title of being a champion is at stake! Every sport grants a team as the winner for the season’s sport and to make things better, every winner will get a t-shirt!


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