SEC: Experience With The BSU Veteran’s Center (Reece Ladetto)

I went to basic training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina two weeks after graduating high school in 2019. I transferred to BSU for the fall semester of 2020 after a semester at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. I made this move for several reasons. At the time, my army reserve unit that I was assigned to was in Ayer, Massachusetts. I also found that BSU was more affordable, even with the military educational benefits. Being from Rhode Island, it was also more convenient to be closer to home amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic at the time. By the time my junior year arrived, I found myself working at the BSU Military and Veteran student services office in Tillinghast hall. My boss, Brian Duchaney (director) has been nothing but helpful and took a chance on me, and I am forever grateful for him hiring me. Not only has it been an honor to meet other students currently serving, but to be able to help them get acclimated to school and receive the educational benefits they are entitled to has helped me grow as a person. In the fall 2022 semester, I had to take a three week absence to attend an army leadership course to get promoted to sergeant. I had known about this going into the semester, but just hoped everything would go smoothly while missing classes. Thankfully, my professors were nothing but understanding and accommodating, helping me catch up before and after I left. This to me showed how this school is ready and willing to work with military students and veterans when situations relating to service arise. As long as the student is transparent along the way, there is lots of support, and Brian and the veterans office on campus are a great help to assist as well.

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