Poke Is A-Okay! (Nicholas Fonseca)

Taking over the spot once known for housing Pressed (don’t worry readers, with Tilly’s reopening, sandwich cravings can be satisfied there now), Hissho Sushi in Bear’s Den now offers poke bowls! Standing right beside where the sushi has been relocated, you can now have more choices in regards to how you can dine on sushi-style cuts of fish. For this review, I decided to max out the flavor by opting for the two-protein option at the cost of two more dollars from the base cost of a bowl. 

The way the spot works is that there’s two options for your base (rice and green leaf lettuce), three protein options, a handful of veggie choices, and finally two more sections of options: sauces and toppings, ones that’ll really help bring out the flavor in the meal. If the choices are enough to make your head spin, I totally understand how you feel. 

For me, I went somewhat simple with my choice; nicely sized chunks of salmon and tuna for my protein, rice base with some lettuce, thinly sliced carrots for my additional veggie, a generous helping of spicy mayo, and just some sesame seeds along with green onions to top it all off. Did I say simple? There were quite a few choices there, all of which were provided with prompt service! Enough introductions though, it’s about time I talk about the taste.

With every bite, I could really experience the taste and texture of each individual thing all together at once. There’s nothing that tries overpowering the taste of another, it all just harmoniously comes together to give you a great eating experience. Some parts that really stick out are the spicy mayo with its just right level of spice and the sticky rice base that’s not only warmer than you think, but also tastier than your usual rice. 

Overall, the bowl was delicious and with the many options present you’re likely to find a combination that suits your taste best. However, there is one complaint and that’s the cost: my bowl of two proteins was $15.49 and a bowl with one protein was $12.49. For what you get it is a somewhat steep price, especially since the only way you can pay for a bowl is with Dining Dollars, Flex Dollars, or regular money. For this, the poke bowl place works better as a place you go to treat yourself rather than your go-to meal. If you have the dollars to spend though, definitely do so here!


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