Saltburn: A Provocative and Unnerving Masterpiece

I can honestly say that Saltburn is one of the most bizarre films I have ever watched, and I don’t know if I loved it or hated it. 

Let me start off by talking about what was appealing about this movie. For starters, the cinematography was phenomenal. Watching the movie felt like watching artwork move, not to mention that a good portion of the film took place in a lavish estate housed by a bizarre family of English elites.

What better people to have cast as English elites, or wannabes, than actors Jacob Elordi (he/him) as Felix and Barry Keoghan (he/him) as Oliver? Two perfect people who performed their roles splendidly, and unsettlingly, well.

The soundtrack was also pretty iconic. I mean, adding a song like “Murder On the Dancefloor” to this movie’s soundtrack is both comical and so fitting it hurts. 

Speaking of things that hurt… my brain while watching this movie. This is where I tell you how weird it was.

It started out relatively simple. Oliver struggled to fit in during his first year at Oxford while spending his time gazing over at the perfect life of his classmate Felix. There were some instances of awkwardness, all of which brought about by Oliver. But they did not compare to what came once summer rolled around and Felix brought Oliver to stay at Saltburn, his family’s estate.

This film was provocative, unnerving, deceitful, and everything you would hope a psychological thriller to be. While I can’t say it was my favorite movie, it certainly threw me for a loop and will be pretty hard to forget (as much as I hope to forget some of it).

Regardless, go see Saltburn, but NOT with anyone who you think would judge you for wanting to see it (it will save you and them a lot of questions, I promise).

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