Ode to Freedom

Let’s address the undertone some readers might have regarding my title. This is not to praise the “freedoms” that this country is providing for citizens, but to criticize the limitations to these freedoms. 

What is going on in this country right now?

I’m talking about Alabama. You know, whose state Supreme Court just ruled that embryos are people using religious backing…what?

This fired me up a little. No, scratch that. Not a little, but a lot. Call me rude, but it’s almost comical the decisions that some politicians in this country are making. No, I’m not just criticizing Alabama, but also any other person that argues any sort of religious belief should control other people’s bodily autonomy. Just because it is a decision you want to make yourself, doesn’t mean it’s one you can make for someone else.

When are people going to realize how unjust it is to mix politics and religion? Despite not being religious myself, I am a firm believer that anyone has the right to follow any faith they please. That being said, when that faith becomes controlling of other people’s lives, especially through laws and political rulings, then we have a massive issue. 

In the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned, there has been an increase in the restrictive laws that states have for reproductive healthcare, such as abortion or birth control. It’s very difficult to watch these events take place knowing that they are mostly backed by religious belief rather than tangible evidence in science. Again, it is so important that people open their minds to pro-choice decisions, because being pro-choice for others doesn’t mean you can’t have your own boundaries!

I guess the best way to end this ode is to urge people to vote. While the candidates are not the most ideal, it’s important that we try to vote in favor of what will give every individual the most amount of protected rights. Not to name names, but I don’t think we will be getting that from someone who may end up being a convicted felon…

Ultimately, even if certain ideas go against your personal beliefs or faith, please remember that other people who don’t share those beliefs need those rights. That can’t be your decision to make for them.

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