Ode to a Sophomore’s Self-Reflection

Good morning, good evening, and good night! If you’re new to Bridgewater State, welcome I guess. If you’re returning, why?

All jokes! Of course you are back and kicking it in your hot and sweaty dorms. No seriously, I think I’m gonna lose my mind if the temperature doesn’t hit 60 degrees soon. I’m fall-coded, so I can’t survive in these temperatures for extensive periods of time. Curse you climate change!

But alas, we are back and while we have a new infestation *cough cough* I mean class of students, I have really been forced to think about my time as a first year student.

Were we all like that? I mean, some of you really were, but I am trying to do a little self-reflection here.

You don’t know how easy it is to spot a first year student until you aren’t one anymore. It’s as simple as seeking out who is filming the Starship robots move, or wearing a lanyard to hold your connect card, or traveling in massive groups at night looking for parties that none of you will get into (and no one needs to even have a visual of the group, we can hear you coming btw).

Don’t worry though, consider yourselves to have a pass for this year. After all, don’t we all experience canon events? I know I did. I literally dyed my hair red and tried gaslighting myself into liking it because I thought that being at college meant reinventing myself and that dying my hair was the way to do it (PSA: it wasn’t).

In all the writing classes that I’ve taken, my professors have told me that when you make a criticism of someone’s writing that you should also leave them on a good note. After criticizing your freshmaness, here’s some advice: be true to yourself. Well… some of you are being a little too real on the 2027 Snapchat story. But beyond that, do what will make you happy, and it should make your time here just a little more worth it. 


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