Ode to Cats

I think I’ve created a name for myself among my friends. A reputation. A concept that comes up on my friends’ For You pages that they always share when they see it. I am a cat lady.

No, don’t worry, I don’t have 15 cats (yet), but I do have one perfect angel child named Molly who is a tuxedo cat. 

But when I talk about how it is becoming a problem, I mean its a full-fledged issue that seems to take up more time in my day than it should. 

Let’s begin. My entire Instagram explore page is made up of cat memes and funny cat videos. I personally love them, however I can see where 20 cat posts in a row can become excessive. 

Next: my cat paintings. Yes… it sounds bad. Like crazy a** crazy bad, BUT I swear I have them more as a joke (this is 80% truth). I’ve decided that every year of college I will buy a cat painting to bring to school as one of my decorations (shout-out to my paintings of a cat wearing a beret playing the piano from my first ever article for The Comment). If you are curious, which I’m sure you totally are, the painting I got for this year was a cat version of Girl with a Pearl Earring

Let’s get one thing clear: this fixation has not come to fruition only from my own doing. I’m pointing fingers at my family and friends (what have you done to me). For starters, my best friend got us matching space cat sweatshirts that we occasionally wear around campus (I’m aware how cringe it is, I still love it though) AND my roommate this year bought me another cat painting which is the cat version of Rosie the Riveter. 

Ultimately, I blame everyone else for my catladyness (yeah, I just made up a word). I guess at this point all I can do is recommend you get a cat and buy it costumes and treats, jazz them up if you will.


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