Ode to Decision Making

I have this problem where I quickly make decisions that don’t always work out for the best.

I’d like to think of myself as a cool, calm, and collected person who partakes in rational decision making, but if I’m being completely honest, that’s not entirely true. I have this mindset where I think that spur of the moment decision making will end up working in my favor.

Like that one time I wanted to cut my hair before college for a fun new hair do. The haircut I let my stepsister give me. The stepsister who can’t cut hair if her life depended on it. Yup, I showed up to college with a “f*ck a*s bob.” Or that other time (another pre-college throw back) when I applied to colleges to be a film major just because I like watching movies and writing (PSA: that doesn’t always translate well). That should have been my first warning to think about a gap year.

You must be thinking, “Nina, that’s like two things that happened before college, don’t be so over dramatic.” To that I say: you are so right. However, I fear I have continued making decisions like these with little to no thought going into them, but now I just have people telling me that I shouldn’t pursue them when I bring it up.

I’d say the big one was my two month process of me “transferring.” Yeah, I did the research, toured a school, and even started my application. I just needed to let myself breathe after several weekly panic attacks before I realized that I still liked it here (shout-out to my therapist).

I think that being more aware of my quick decision making is helping me out big time. For instance, I really enjoyed my English class last week and was stressed in one of my communications classes so I thought about switching my major to English. Silly me giving into minor inconveniences! 

The old Nina probably would have filled out the form to switch by now, but the Nina today is going to enforce a three strike policy. Yeah, that sounds reasonable.

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