How To Survive BSU In The Rain

One of the going-away gifts my parents got me for school was a pair of rain boots. They’re a really nice pair of boots, but I was taken aback by how tall they were. Like, Gwen Stefani is quaking by how tall my boots are. Although when I got the boots I felt a little awkward by their length at first, I am OBSESSED with them now!

Why the change of heart, you ask?

Well, for whatever reason, when it rains at BSU, it doesn’t just rain. It monsoons. This is not a joke. My raincoat just doesn’t work anymore. If you think that you can go outside when it rains and not get remotely soaked, you’ve won the comedian of the century award. I cannot even begin to express the pairs of shoes, jackets, shirt, pants… the socks, people, that I’ve lost to the downpours. It’s a tragedy.

In order to address this issue, I have decided to inscribe a reasonable list of ways to survive the rain at BSU, but if you decide to stop reading, I won’t feel bad for you, or your soggy socks.

1. What to Wear.

You have to be wearing enough to cover every inch of skin. If Cleo from H2O can’t wear your outfit, then why even bother leaving your dorm? Wearing a rain jacket will help (kinda), but I have a system that never fails. For starters, your base should be made of a waterproof material. My personal favorites include waterproof trousers (like the ones fishermen wear) or a wetsuit. In addition, a swim cap should suffice keeping your hair dry. For shoes, you might as well wear rain boots that either cover your entire leg, or no shoes at all. I know it’s hard for some to resist the urge to wear their white Nike Air Forces, but we all make sacrifices.

2. Transportation.

Your bike isn’t able to carry you through the rain? Well, neither is the BSU bus! Waiting for BSU transportation isn’t like waiting for the Knight Bus from Harry Potter, where every stranded witch/wizard gets assistance. You must fend for yourself. My personal go-to is a kayak. Nothing is over the top when it comes trekking from DMF to Burnell in the rain. Don’t even get me started on the underpass going between each side of campus. You could swim in that puddle.

3. Look Out for the Wind.

If you thought the rain was the only worry, you were very wrong. For whatever reason, the wind can be just as bad as the rain. Thinking about using an umbrella? No you’re not! The second it opens it will flip inside out. I mean, the only people that won’t get blown away are those who simply refuse to leave their unused textbooks in their dorm. While it’s sad to see freshman yet to shake off the high school backpack phase, the added textbooks might be your only hope to not become Mary Poppins while simultaneously getting soaked by rain.

At the end of the day, you should just accept defeat. Bridgewater rain is just too much to handle, so maybe just don’t leave your dorm on rainy days.



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