Seasons Streamings: Which are the Best?

Alert the news!!

Your go-to cable channels are losing popularity to streaming services. All the television I watch comes from streaming services, and surely that is the same for many of you. With streaming services at their popularity peak, we now need to ask one very important question; which one is the best?

Here’s how I ranked my top 4:

Number 4: Hulu

I honestly struggled to put Hulu at number 4, but that might only be because it has one of my favorite shows (if you’re curious, it’s American Horror Story). I mean, the selection is relatively good, especially in terms of TV shows. Hulu is the place to go if you are looking for old favorites including Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars or newer shows like Normal People and Only Murders In The Building. But looking beyond show options, Hulu is just O.K. It costs $7.99/month which sounds great, until you have to deal with all the ads. Ad-free Hulu costs $14.99/month and the student plan (with ads) is $1.99/month.

Number 3: HBO Max

Opposite of Hulu, HBO Max is perfect for movie options! HBO Max does a great job with having popular movie titles, especially newer movies. I personally love being able to access the Harry Potter movies and the Jurassic Park trilogy. Now, I can’t completely disregard the show options, especially because one of the most popular shows right now, The Last of Us, is a popular stream currently. Still, there are other, better, streaming services. HBO Max is $9.99/month (with ads), or ad-free for $15.99/month.

Number 2: Netflix

Despite seeming like the most basic option, there’s a reason why Netflix is so popular. Netflix can be a hit or miss, and honestly, it’s been hitting. Though it takes so long to find media to watch, I always end up with something. I think what really makes Netflix so great are Netflix Original movies and shows. I mean, who hasn’t fallen in love with Heartstopper or Stranger Things? The biggest downside to Netflix are their terrible decisions to remove certain shows/movies or cancel them (I’m still upset about Julie and the Phantoms and The Society). There are multiple plans for getting Netflix, but if you’re lone wolf watching, I recommend the basic plan for $9.99/month.

Number 1: Disney+

Rightfully so, Disney+ takes the top spot for best streaming services. This streaming service offers a variety of classics, as well as many other kinds of movies/shows from their different franchises such as Pixar and Marvel. This platform has so many amazing options and I always find myself struggling to pick just one! From old movies to new series, Disney+ has so many incredible watch options, making it the best streaming service. Disney+ with ads is $7.99/month and $10.99/month for no ads.


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