Explore Your Opportunities with Study Abroad!

Whether you’re a first year dreaming of going to Italy or a junior hoping to explore Puerto Rico, Bridgewater State has so many opportunities for you to explore through the Study Abroad Office!

Mike Sandy (he/him) is the Director of Study Abroad here at BSU and he can not express enough how much he believes YOU should look into this great opportunity!

When asked about the programs offered at BSU, Sandy gave an impressive answer! “We have short term programs, semester based programs, we work with partners and 50 We have programs in 50 Different countries over 300 program options”. 

You may ask yourself why studying abroad should be an option for you, and to that Sandy brings up some pretty strong points which include, “building up a person’s career path, …their intercultural competency,… their academic accomplishments,…  and personal development”.

Annalisa Ray (Class of 2024, she/her), a Student Outreach Coordinator in the Study Abroad Office, could not agree more. When reflecting on her own time abroad, which was a few weeks in the summer at Oxford University, she could not help but appreciate her new sense of independence. 

“Just navigating how to kind of handle things on my own,” said Ray. “It’s one thing to be at school and complete school and it’s another thing to be in another country and do it. But I think it really does give you a newfound sense of independence”.

Ray plans on going abroad several more times, including to places like Greece and Italy.

As amazing as this opportunity is, it’s important to address concerns you may have. On the matter of financial aid, Ray was happy to talk about her experience getting a scholarship through the school. “We do have a scholarship bank through the study abroad office itself that not a lot of people tend to use,” said Ray. “I applied for those scholarships when I went abroad, and I received $1,000 scholarship to go abroad”. 

In order to learn more about the opportunities waiting for you, visit the Study Abroad page on bridgew.edu. Here, you can look into what opportunities you have for your major, when/how long you can go abroad, and even get in touch with students like Annalisa to learn more about their experiences!


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