BRB, The AAC Is Calling

The entrance of the Academic Achievement center. Photo taken by Marissa Hanson

Hey BSU students! It’s that time of year where stress levels increase and the idea of dropping out is all too tempting. Yes, it’s time for finals. However, before you contemplate packing up your stuff and hitting the road, the AAC is here to save the day and prep YOU for what’s to come.

Like you, Kathryn Crisostomo (she/her), Director of Learning Assistance in the AAC, is getting herself prepped and ready for this semester to come to a close.

Around finals time, the AAC is buzzing with students frantically trying to get all the help they can before their final exams and projects, and Crisostomo cannot stress enough how much the AAC can help you!

According to Crisostomo, the AAC has so many free resources for students to use, whether that be the Writing Studio, Math Services, or Second Language Services. In these areas, students are able to work with other students who excel in these fields and ask questions and get the support they need to be successful.

 In addition to that, Crisostomo made sure to talk about the services besides tutoring.

“We also have our academic coaching,” said Crisostomo. “It’s another area of learning assistants that help students more with things like time management, organization, note taking, reading strategies, how to study for a test and how to deal with test anxiety”.

Want to meet with a tutor or academic coach? Schedule an appointment through Accudemia! Found on the Academic Achievement website, you can find the link to this site where you can find a tutor or academic coach who you think is best suited to support your needs! If you need help navigating Accudemia, a how-to video located on the website is also available!

Not sure where to start, Crisostomo has some great advice on how you can get started on your finals journey!

“The sooner you can get yourself organized, the better you’re going to feel over time with how you’re going to approach it,” said Crisostomo. “It’s good to break down your studying into tasks because I think it makes it more approachable and a lot easier to get done and not put off as much”.

Now that we’ve heard from Kathryn, I’m sure you also would love some advice from a fellow student! Jessica Sweeney (she/her), a student leader on campus, gave some great advice for students taking finals!

According to Sweeney, some great things you can do while prepping for finals include finding quiet places to study, scheduling your study time in advance, studying at the same time as your friends to avoid FOMO, and putting your phone far away on do not disturb to avoid endless scrolling!

Need help prepping for finals? Reach out to the Academic Achievement Center to book an appointment!

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