Go Check It Out: The Rug Shack

Although I’ve only been on campus for less than a month, I couldn’t help but find myself curious as to what lies beyond the hallowed grounds of Bridgewater State University. To my surprise, Bridgewater is filled to the brim with little gems that make the trek worthwhile, one such diamond being The Rug Shack.

There is no doubt that The Rug Shack, located in Central Square, will be my favorite go-to place whenever I’m bored. A minute further down the road from CVS, this store is within reasonable walking distance (which may be easier for me to say because I live on West campus) and it’s a great place to spend some money (try not to go overboard though!).

The shop itself is more than a typical thrift store. The Rug Shack is the definition of a Gen Z dream. From funky finds to incredibly detailed custom rugs (made by the store’s co-owner, Matt Turner), there’s something for everyone!

I heard about The Rug Shack from my sister, another BSU student, but I only recently went myself. And with confidence I can say it is totally worth all the hype. There are no bland spots in the store. From floor to ceiling, just about every square inch is covered in some sort of art or uniquely cool signs. 

During my excursion, we saw all that was offered. My friends found some really cool finds such as sweater vests and graphic tees, meanwhile I gravitated more towards the homemade jewelry and other cool art pieces. I even ended up purchasing some patches to spice up my backpack. The trip certainly didn’t disappoint any of us!

And if you think The Rug Shack couldn’t get any better, it turns out the store is owned by two BSU alumni! Matt Turner, ‘19, and Megan Belmonte, ‘22, are the two owners, and they have truly created a great space for both the Bridgewater and BSU communities.

Another cool fact, if you don’t know Turner as a BSU alum, you may know him from this season of reality TV show Big Brother. If you’re familiar with the show, you will know how impressive it is to be a member of the final four! To express your love and support, take some time to go check out The Rug Shack. It may very well become your new go-to place, like it’s now mine!

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