Venture Out for Homecoming

Whether you are an incoming first-year, a transfer student, or are a returning student that has not gone yet, this is definitely your year to experience Homecoming! Keeping in mind my experience from last year, here are some recommendations for fun activities and events to check out during this year’s celebration.

Although this event does not take place on the day of Homecoming itself, the Homecoming Pageant is definitely a don’t-miss. The event was pretty fun last year, allowing students to get a glimpse of the Homecoming court and be a part of the selection process for Homecoming royalty. I also liked how I was able to get to know the Homecoming court before the crowning ceremony. As a first year who didn’t know many people, it was nice to recognize some familiar faces.

Last year during Homecoming, I definitely feel like I was able to get a good sense of the different activities to do during the day itself. I spent the morning with friends grabbing food in a packed ECC and playing bingo in the Dunn Conference Suite, which is always a great activity at BSU (and I may be biased because I actually ended up winning a Polaroid camera that day). 

The second part of my day was spent with my family tailgating before the football game. I think this is one of the more exciting activities to do with families, especially if you come from an alumni family and get to see everyone reunite from their college years. This is a great way to find BSU bears, new and old, to connect with and celebrate an exciting Homecoming!

A final shoutout goes to the alumni tent where I will be asking my parents to sneak me food from (sadly I am not allowed in #hurt).


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