The 2024 Ultimate Guide to Homework

I did not realize it was possible to drown in paper until this semester. Well, technically homework, papers, and wait… do people even use paper anymore? Anyway, if you are like me this semester, then the amount of homework you’ve been getting is pretty rough, and with the weather getting warmer, it’s going to be difficult to sit still and stare at a laptop for five hours typing an essay. 

Which brings us back to how to actually defeat this demon known as homework. It’s important to first be prepared, which requires both time and resources. As for the time part, this can actually be a lot trickier than expected if you have a lot of responsibilities on campus. Creating a timesheet can help find those open slots and give you time to complete assignments. 

As for the resource part, it is also important to find a place to do homework that will actually be productive. Personally, when I do homework in my dorm room, I find a million plus one ways to not do homework. When I do homework in a lounge in DMF, I feel like I have to do homework when I see my peers around me working hard. 

But what about actually completing the homework? You could have a good time and a great place to do homework but get nothing done (this is something I think we all can relate to). My advice on this to put your notes out all around you, almost as if you are being surrounded with classwork. If what in front of you does not make sense, look to your left and go through notes to try and find a similar problem. This also helps with the distraction aspect in case you are considering switching tabs to a video game. Try booting up Steam on your laptop now with the homework literally surrounding you as if it is getting closer and closer. Scary, right?

With all of this in mind, I hope these strategies can actually be helpful. Obviously, this is only my experience and for all I know, some of these strategies may not be helpful for some people. It’s all about finding something that works for you.

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