Your Guide to the End of the Fall 2023 Semester

As Mariah Carey finishes defrosting and the sound of holiday songs fills the normally quiet air, a chilling feeling runs down the spines of BSU’s students. Just like the first snow of the season, finals are here and you’re going to need more than a shovel to get through this storm.

If at this point in the article you want to scream, do it into your pillow at a time that won’t disrupt your roommate. All done? Good, now let’s move on to some actual advice that will help you survive the hurricane of finals, preparation for next semester, and of course, projects.

To start, as with all things college, making a mental plan is the most important thing you can do.

What does this entail? Well, it depends on the person. For myself, I would say write down each class’s final date as well as the due date of other assignments between now and then, that is what works for me at least.

It’s important to try and utilize you’re learning strengths to help you prepare for big exams instead of relying on a strategy that just isn’t for you. What I can tell you is if your “plan” is to study the day before at midnight with some Red Bull, it will not only NOT give you wings, but instead give you drowsiness and regret for the actual day of your final. 

But what about preparation for the next semester? As for if you have had issues with scheduling classes, switching roommates, or anything else that is important, I have the best advice anyone can ever give in the history of ever. Do it RIGHT NOW, before the stress of finals gets too much. Trust me, it will save you a lot of worry.

Lastly, make sure to be ready to pack as soon as finals are over and be out of the dorms by December 21st. Good luck to everyone during this end of the semester and remember, while the memories here are forever, finals are only for a little while!

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