Beyond the Endless Rain: Fun Things To Do This Spring Semester

Spring has sprung…a leak. In a time when we are supposed to look down at the blooming flowers, we all can’t help but look up at the dark clouds in the sky. Is this the curse of finals or a late April Fool’s joke? Anyway, looking past the dark clouds there is still a sun that will bring us nice weather soon. But what are we going to do with this new weather? Simple, put the books down and go have fun…unless it’s still raining of course.

But let’s assume that the rain is behind us. To start with, this nice weather creates a perfect time to use the outdoor fitness court and Great Hill trail. While these technically aren’t anything new to campus, with the freezing cold weather and rain, it feels almost as if they just opened. If you’re like me and have been drowning in homework but want to exercise (funnily enough, those are two topics I’ve written about before), now is the perfect time to give those a try. 

But what about some specifics? I mean, the fitness court and outdoor trail aren’t going anywhere. On April 13, the Program Council is hosting a Barbiecue from 7-10 p.m. There’s food, a giveaway, and most importantly, a movie. With all of this, it should be more than Kenough to get your attention….

…Unless it isn’t. In that case, look towards April 15 for the Program Council’s Annual Carnival. From 2-6 in the Moakley lot, there will be games, attractions, and most importantly, food. As a freshman, I’ve never seen one of these carnivals myself, but it sounds like a lot of fun.

As you can see, there definitely is a lot of stuff to do before college is out for the summer. (That is, if you’re not taking any summer courses. Stay strong, friends!) Make the most of these spring days and take a break from studying!

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