Text to Visual: Books That Should Be Adapted Into Movies

If I were to say the title, The Lord of the Rings, what would come to mind? Would you think of Tolkien’s book series or Peter Jackson’s trilogy of films? Let’s face it, most people would choose the films. I mean, books are a big commitment; especially when everyone is busy fighting a war against final exams. Why procrastinate on your exams to read 100 pages of a book when you could be watching a movie?  But what if…THERE IS NO MOVIE ADAPTATION?! *Gasp* Unfortunately, I can’t control Hollywood from my dorm room, but what I can do is gather some interest towards some amazing books that would work on screen.

To start off with a book I have recently been acquainted with here at BSU, I recommend White Horse by Erika Wurth. The book follows an Urban Native woman named Kari who, after receiving her missing mother’s bracelet, begins to be haunted by her spirit. Not only is this book very relevant nowadays, but it also has some seriously scary moments that would work great on screen. It also helps that the writing style of the book is almost scene-like, so adapting it wouldn’t require too much change.

As for a second pick, I am going to be a nerd for a moment and pick a book from one of my favorite IPs out there, Dungeons and Dragons. While obviously this IP is known for games, there have been a LOT of novels for it. I mean, one of their most popular series alone, The Legend of Drizzt by R.A. Salvatore has 39 books! Obviously, I’m not suggesting 39 movies, but for fantasy lovers, there is a well of opportunity here. Plus, you don’t need to be a player to understand most of these stories.

And to end things off, let’s go bolder. While Edgar Allen Poe’s work has certainly been adapted before, has it ever been adapted into a TV show? I mean, imagine an anthology series of his various stories. If you’re a huge horror fan like me, that sounds like a great way to spend a day.

But that is just my thoughts. As more and more books are adapted, who knows what movie is next! I hope it will be the Calculus II textbook movie!

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