The Food Robots Are Taking Over: Bears Beware! (Foolish Edition)

Just look at those robots delivering food across campus. They seem to drive so peacefully without a care in the world. Suddenly, the bot turns around and charges right for you. It looks like it will be the end, but the robot seems to come to a dead stop a mere few inches away from hitting you. It looks at you with an evil expression before carrying on its ‘scheduled duty’… or is it? My theory is that these robots are actually planning something much bigger than a lunch delivery. These robots are planning… takeover. 


Just think about it for a moment. How many of you reading this have had a similar experience? It isn’t that these robots are having a bad day or that they just don’t like you, it’s a sign of their true evil nature. 


It doesn’t just end there though. Think about what these robots are doing when not delivering food. Are they resting? Of course not. They are making plans to storm President Clark’s office and demand control over all of Bridgewater.


We’re clearly outnumbered against these small robots once they begin sending transmission waves to our devices. So as the semester ends, be sure to begin your preparations. There is no delaying the inevitable. 

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