I Have the Energy, but No Space: The Best Study Areas On Campus

So, you have a long list of assignments due? That’s fine! Well… not really. After an hour of panicking that gets no work done, you finally conclude that life is really happening, and you need to study. But where to study? What if your roommate is busy in a gaming session and you can’t focus? Let’s take a deeper look at the best study spots on campus.

Let’s start by looking at one of the more common, but still under-appreciated, areas of campus: the sides of the Maxwell library. For a library, it sure can be loud when classes are transitioning, which can be pretty distracting. That is why to avoid any distractions, you should immediately head to the far walls of the library and set up camp over there. These areas are usually by outlets, which is a great benefit, and right next to the windows, resulting in well-needed sunlight on a nice day.

Another really good area, and one of my favorites, is the DMF lounges located by the front window of the building. Similar to the library, DMF can be extremely busy, and having these small hidden areas makes it a lot easier to focus. In addition, these areas have whiteboards, so if you can find a time with the space relatively empty, you could bring some friends and maybe even study together.

And for our last space, I’ll look towards something that is the far opposite of these hidden areas; dorm common lounges. I have no idea if this is a freshman thing or what, but these lounges that are visible to everyone in the dorm buildings are somehow… extremely empty. I get that everyone wants to go and relax in the TV lounges, but seriously, these areas get absolutely no attention.

So next time you study and you’re bored of your usual spot, why not give these a try? They might help you get through that 50-page textbook reading session.

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