The Spring 2024 Semester Begins!

We aren’t in Kansas anymore. As the seasons have shifted, the once familiar Fall 2023 semester has vanished into thin air and been replaced with an entirely new semester. Let’s unpack this.

As a freshman, shifting schedules halfway through the year has been hard to accept. I keep finding myself referring to last semester as “last year”, and while that technically is correct, bad New Year’s jokes can’t carry through the entire semester.

It’s actually bizarre to think about last semester when trying to handle this one. For me, class hours have increased, and my free time has vanished. I spend most of my academic nine-to-five either in class, eating, or at work. That isn’t even counting the mountain of homework coming my way. This feeling can only be described as mining underground sand in Minecraft. You break a block, only for another to fall down. It could be worse though. I like all of my classes and my professors are great, so I won’t have to change any classes, which I know a lot of people are doing right now.

The other difficult semester change is slightly less permanent; the weather. The first day back, I almost slipped on ice a total of thirteen times getting from my dorm room to Flynn dining. I really shouldn’t be surprised, but I still can’t believe winter is actually cold. Whoever would have thought? At least the past few days have been slightly less mild during the mornings. I may or may not have just created a curse by writing that, but who knows what will happen.

But what is the takeaway of this? I guess I would say it’s all about adaptability to different conditions. I guarantee in a few weeks, we all will be so used to this new schedule that switching back would feel even weirder than going forward. I wish you all a great semester.

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