Participation in Student Government Elections Remains Low

By Alexandra Puffer

Comment Staff

Gabriella Diniz, a graphic design major from the class of 2015, has been named the President of the Student Government Association after running unopposed. It is not uncommon for candidates to run unopposed in SGA elections, as involvement in student government and its elections continue to be scarce.

Vice President is Alec Lapan, Student Trustee is Brendan Concannon, Treasurer is Kevin Costa and Parliamentarian is Dylan Smith.

As a commuter student, Diniz knew the challenges facing her to truly “feel at home” on campus. Because of her Key Club and Student Council involvement during high school, she decided involvement in SGA would be the best way to take a hold of the opportunities Bridgewater State offers.

“I joined SGA to make friends and feel connected, but I continue to love SGA and strive for more involved positions because I want to help more students fall in love with this campus the way I did,” said Diniz. “Involvement is not the same for everyone…I truly believe there is something for everyone on this campus.”

Jenelee Tejada, a global management major from the class of 2014, has only voted once before in SGA elections.

“I was walking in the RCC passing the SGA office and noticed they were giving away free SGA items for stopping in and voting,” said Tejada.

Kayla Brunache, a psychology major from the class of 2014, has never voted in SGA elections although she has signed candidate petitions.

“I was unaware of the process of voting in SGA elections. I had never voted in any election before this fall but if I remember I’ll vote this spring,” said Brunache. “I’ll have to do some research on the candidates.”

Voting for SGA elections was done completely online with links available through the Bridgewater State homepage and student email. The number of participants voting this year increased, a trend Diniz hopes will continue.

“It’s just a matter of taking those initial steps,” said Diniz.

SGA meets Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. in the RCC, welcoming all members of Bridgewater State. SGA is responsible for allocating funding to student organizations funded by SGA. To receive SGA funding organizations must meet certain requirements such as available membership to all of the Bridgewater State community.

Alexandra Puffer is a Comment staff writer. Follow her on Twitter at @alexandrapuffer or email her at

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