QBot app at Bear’s Den is an undiscovered benefit for students

By Kayla Lemay

Comment Staff

There is a new rewards system in use at Bear’s Den, called QBot.

QBot is a free app on both Apple’s App store and the Google Play store and is available for both iPhone and Android users.

With the app, students can “love” a location, giving them a one time deal. For example, at Pastabilities in Bear’s Den, you are given 50 percent off of your purchase the first time you “love” Pastabilities. After the initial rewards, you must spend to receive scans. Every $4.50 spent warrants a scan.

From there, it becomes a mobile punch card, with rewards based on how many scans you receive. After a certain number of scans, different rewards are given depending on what food you buy. For example, after four scans at Quixote’s, the Mexican food station at Bear’s Den, students can get free nachos.

“Last year the new app was brought on campus, and it seemed like something a lot of students were interested in,” said Monica Moyer, Marketing Coordinator for Sodexo. “We brought it to campus because we thought it would be a good fit with all of the new technology.”

This app, while still in the works, is something Sodexo has taken up at other universities, such as Framingham State University. There are 40 different Sodexo accounts using QBot across the country.

Eventually they will offer some limited time offers through the app, such as free drinks within a certain time frame.

Despite the deals brought forth, and the signs all over the Bear’s Den, some students did not know the app exists.

“I’ve never heard of the QBot app,” said Jacqueline Martin, a freshman with an undecided major.

Moyer said the announcement of the app appeared in the Student Announcements, in addition to a table having been set up the first day the app was introduced.

“Right now we have 177 people using the app,” Moyer said. “We’re hoping for more.”

Kayla Lemay is the General Assignments Editor at The Comment. Follow her on Twitter @klemay123 or email her at klemay@student.bridgew.edu.

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