Editorial: Current Mail System For Residents is Inappropriate

When it came to The Comment’s attention that some resident students are sharing mailboxes with each other, it became clear the procedure is not appropriate.

It would be a different story entirely if these students were directly notified about the possibility of their private mail being shared with others. It would also be a different story if students knew the person they shared the mailbox with. However, investigation showed that little effort has been made to make students aware of the practice.

The Comment takes the stance that as college students, we are adults. In this case, that position applies to the fact that students receive important information in the mail, which they wouldn’t want another person to have access to. Bills, credit card information, and other private material is not only dangerous in the hands of an unknown person, but also illegal.

A number of incidents could occur with the current system in place, whether it be malicious or accidental. Think, for example, of the current tax return season. A student waiting for their tax information might have already received it, only to have it accidentally thrown away by their unknown mailbox mate.

A student’s private mailbox should not be treated like a kindergarten cubby and the policy in effect does not respect privacy, property, or potentially federal law.

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