BSU needs to work on ‘being green’

By Shawn Potter

Comment Contributor

Trash such as water bottles, food wrappers, and fruit peels can be found all across campus. Photo by Christina Oullette.
Trash such as water bottles, food wrappers, and fruit peels can be found all across campus. Photo by Christina Oullette.


As the world moves more and more to cleaner energy, so has our campus.

Several Big Belly solar powered trash and recyclable dispensers have been placed in several areas on campus. These machines are located near the exit and main entrance of the Science and Technology Building. They are also located directly on the West side of campus immediately through the underpass, as well as by the Crimson Dining Hall.

Though they seem to be used effectively, it is not hard to see a soda or beer can lying on the beautiful green landscape that stretches out over most of the West campus. Trash can also be spotted on the grounds of the East campus walkway before the overpass.

It also seems that individuals can be sneaky when it comes to properly disposing of a plastic cup, bottle or aluminum soda can. Such incidences consisted of plastic bottles being stuffed into the shrubbery that lines both sides of the underpass walkway. Soda cans and snack papers were also crunched and stuck onto the branches of the bushes on the West campus side of the underpass walk-way.

Items that are more noticeable to spot on the grounds are plastic water bottles, iced coffee cups and smoothie cups from the Crimson Dining Hall. Hopefully, after students enjoy a refreshing smoothie they are responsible enough to dispose of them in either the solar powered trash compactors or in one of the many garbage cans placed all around the campus.

As students of Bridgewater State University (BSU), it is our duty to help keep and maintain a cleaner environment on campus. This goes in respect for any student, resident or commuter, in conjunction with the staff who work hard to maintain our campus’ environment.

Please, to all fellow students at BSU, if you notice trash or something worth recycleable on the ground do not hesitate to simply pick it up and either dispose of it in the trash can or the solar powered compactors.

For the students who, quite understandably, don’t like getting their hands dirty by picking up trash, a word of advice would be to consider carrying a small container of hand sanitizer to clean your hands after throwing out trash picked up from the ground. They are available at any local Dollar Tree store or utility store.

To any and all individuals on campus, trash and recycling containers can be found in nearly every building at Bridgewater State University. If you are either on your way to class or simply walking to a meeting and want to dispose of a cup that still contains product, you can dump the contents out in the bathroom and quickly rinse the container out before disposing of it.

Shawn Potter is a contributor to The Comment. Editor-in-Chief Kayla Lemay edited this story. Follow her on Twitter @klemay123 or email her at

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