Listening to podcasts are an entertaining way to learn more

By Ceilidh Adams

Comment Contributor

The original symbol of a podcast, generally seen on iTunes. Photo courtesy of 1mperfecti0n on Deviant Art, via Creative Commons.
The original symbol of a podcast, generally seen on iTunes. Photo courtesy of 1mperfecti0n on Deviant Art, via Creative Commons.


The blazing sun peeks glaringly from my dorm room window, reflecting off of the mounds of jagged white snow outside. It’s 8:32 A.M., and, despite the fact that haven’t had my coffee yet, I am gaining valuable knowledge about perfume, our sense of smell, and how perfume is made.

Something seems out of place here. How could I be learning about perfume at 8:32 in the morning? Well, I could have just been on the internet learning about it, but this is not the case. In this moment, I am listening to a podcast.

Starting with the basics, podcasts are episodes of a program that are usually audio or video recordings. Sometimes they can be performances, recordings from a TV broadcast, or even lectures, too.

Like music, there are many different categories that podcasts can fall into. From art, cars/ automotives, to science, religion, travel, business, and comedy, the possibilities are endless.

Why listen to a podcast? Well, as the saying goes, knowledge is powerful. Whether it’s a podcast about religion or Ferraris or even perfume, you are always bound to learn something from listening to a podcast.

Going on a long car ride? Listening to a podcast can be a wonderful way to pass the time when traveling, and you may just gain powerful knowledge along the way.

What I really love about podcasts, too, is that I always seem to gain a new perspective on the world around me from listening to them. Most of the time, people tell stories in the podcasts that I listen to, about their lives, experiences, or their worlds.

I am listening to their voices, their stories, and I really believe that this can be a wonderful thing in shaping and changing the way that I see the world that I live in, for the better.

To say that I love learning is a huge understatement.  Listening to podcasts helps me to quench my thirst for curiosity in this world.

By listening to podcasts, not only will you have knowledge of random things that you can share with your friends, you will also be knowledgeable about the world around you and how things work in this world. This knowledge can be a very powerful thing for us.

If you’re less of a curious person and you just need a good laugh, that’s okay too! There are plenty of great, hilarious podcasts that you can listen too that are less serious and are geared more towards entertainment.

The other great thing about podcasts is that they are always free. That’s right, free.

Ready to listen to a podcast? If you have iTunes on your computer, you can subscribe to a certain podcast by looking it up in the iTunes store. From there, you can download the podcast and voila! you’re all ready to listen to that podcast.

If you have an iPhone or Android, there are free podcast apps that are available for you to download on your phone. You can subscribe to and download your podcasts from there.

Don’t have any of these products? That’s okay – there are plenty of websites that you can go to that allow you listen to thousands of podcasts for free. Many podcasts have their own individual websites, where you can listen to individual episodes from their playlists on these sites.

So the next time that you’re bored on a long car ride, or need a new perspective on the world around you, listen to a podcast. You’ll be entertained, and who knows, you may even learn something new along the way.


Ceilidh Adams is a Comment Contributor.


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