How to avoid getting sick on campus

Breanna Palhete
Comment Contributor

Even though you may be covered with adequate student health insurance during your time in college, you wouldn’t want to end up getting sick and missing important classes, or events. However, getting sick when in college may seem like the inevitable: illnesses spread quickly and they could last up to a week, if not more.

Fortunately, the typical ailments that spread are not life threatening, they mainly consist of the common cold, stomach bug, and other types of flu-like illnesses.

Now, here are a few tips and helpful reminders to help you avoid getting sick in college.

The first thing that you can do to avoid getting sick is to get your vaccinations (i.e the flu shot). Getting a shot is no fun, but having the flu is way less fun than that. Getting a flu shot early could potentially prevent you from being sick for cooped up in your room for several days.

The next thing that you could do is to avoid areas where everyone seems to get sick — if everyone is at the library or studying in a common lounge has a handful of tissues, try to avoid sticking around those areas.

Regularly disinfecting all surfaces of your room may help kill any potential germs that can get you sick later. Carrying around hand sanitizer and using it frequently is always another option to avoid those lingering germs as well.

Lastly, getting an adequate amount of sleep each night can help you to fight off illnesses.  Letting yourself get worn down can weaken your immune system and this enables your body to be exposed to any illness. You want to keep your body re-energized.

Getting sick in college may seem like the inevitable but some of the best tips to stay healthy and sick free in school are the simplest. Just to recap, make sure your vaccinations are up to date,  avoid high- sickness locations, disinfect everything, carry around pocket size hand sanitizer, and get your rest! These tips are easy ways to keep your immune system up and running healthy.

Breanna Palhete is a Comment Contributor.

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