Music department hosts informal jam sessions

By Molly Bello

Salil Sachdev plays Irish music with some of his students. Shavon Stokes Photo.
Salil Sachdev plays Irish music with some of his students. Shavon Stokes Photo.

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Every two weeks the music department puts on what they call, “Improvisational Jam Sessions.” These are informal performances for students and community members to play different styles of music and enjoy each other’s company.

Donald Running is the Bridgewater State University director of bands and the organizer of these sessions. His co-worker Salil Sachdev, from the music department, recently ran the Irish music session on April 3. These sessions started a few years ago, and are designed to showcase musical talent in a nonthreatening environment.

“A lot [of concerts] are formal, this is more informal,” Sachdev said. “Anyone who plays an instrument can come and play, others can sit and enjoy. No judgements.”

The Park Avenue Room (room 004 in the Rondileau Campus Center) has no stage or intimidating lighting. It is a room where students can play and feel as though they are amongst their peers.

This Irish music session was filled with excited graduate students. The performers were students of one of Sachdev’s graduate music education classes. Other students watched and listened to the two hour session.

One of Sachdev’s students Guno Thompson and his classmates Lindsay Beddoe and Julie Daigle said they were attending the session after their class to watch their classmates play. They had just listened to a presentation about Irish music, so listening reiterated the importance of music in culture.

Graduate students play improv Irish music after their class. Shavon Stokes Photo.
Graduate students play improv Irish music after their class. Shavon Stokes Photo.

Steven Kubit, an associate in the music department explained the importance of music major attendance to these types of shows.

“[They] must attend 10 events a semester,” Kubit said. “Music nights count as a [required] recital.”

Kubit keeps track of the students attending the shows, he said that it is his job to make sure the students remain for the full duration of the show.

These music sessions are to present the talents of music students and community members alike. Anyone is welcome to come play or sit and enjoy the different styles in a laid back environment.

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