Bridgewater State University hosts Autumn-Fest 26th year in a row

By Becky Kennedy

Comment Contributor

This year marked the 26th annual Autumn-fest.
This year marked the 26th annual Autumn-fest.


Bridgewater State University’s 26th annual Autumn-Fest was hosted on Saturday, September 27th from 10-4 p.m. in front of Boyden Hall on the quad. The fall event included food from local eateries, live demonstrations, face painting and crafts and magic shows.


Over the years, Autumnfest went from having a few hundred people attend to over 6,000 in attendance. One hundred and ten vendor booths have been featured this year. Susan McCombe, Director of University and Community Partnerships helped organized Autumnfest.


“For me, the fun is talking with the community members, students and BSU employees who come to Autumnfest. I’m sure for the kids and families that come to Autumnfest it’s the activities like the Bounce House, Barn Babies, Face Painting, and Crazy Critters as well as the food and entertainment,” said McCombe.


The day featured events where students, faculty, parents, and children could listen to music, shop and play with animals at a section called Barn Babies. Musical acts featured Women’s Barbershop Chorus NoteAble Blend and Bridge & Davis featuring Perry Desmond-Davies.


“I’d really like to see BSU students and student groups get more involved,” said McCombe. “There’s a great opportunity to showcase all of the great things the students are doing whether it’s their volunteerism, studying abroad, playing games with the kids that come or even helping to raise money for the Bridgewater Business Association’s.”

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