BSU Greek life can change your campus experience

By Shawn Potter

Comment Staff

BSU Greek life gives students the chance to get more involved with events like Homecoming. Photo courtesy of Delta Phi Epsilon: Gamma Iota on Facebook.
BSU Greek life gives students the chance to get more involved with events like Homecoming. Photo courtesy of Delta Phi Epsilon: Gamma Iota on Facebook.


Besides gaining a better education for the future, and building a new career, people go to college for the personal experience. One area of opportunity that is available for students to gain experience and get involved on campus is by joining the Greek Life community.

It seems that students are always encouraged to get involved in organizations at school, no matter what they are. I believe that besides enriching my education, I, along with thousands of other college students, joined to get involved with the campus life.

Becoming involved on campus can mean something different to every individual. I found my opportunity to get involved by joining Greek Life.

The Greek Life community is a phenomenal group of organizations that work to promote societal change and the welfare of the campus, while having fun in the process.

Now typically, if one were to imagine what fraternity and sorority life would be like, they may first think of a group of men and women that join together and party. This scenario is not exactly the case, at least not for Bridgewater State University’s Greek community.

Remembering back to my first few weeks at Bridgewater, I can recall that I was I was excited for what was in store, but at the same time overwhelmed at the amount of unfamiliar faces I was surrounded by.

I soon started to fall into a slump, and then fortunately I heard about the Greek Life bonfire from the Student Announcements. I felt that this was my chance to join something greater and increase my self confidence.

I think I can speak for most Greeks on campus when I say that joining Greek Life was one of the best decisions I have ever made. As a former Associate member, and now newly initiated Brother into the fraternity Phi Kappa Theta, I have opened opportunities for myself that would not have otherwise been available to me.

Phi Kappa Theta’s personal motto is “Give, Expect Nothing Thereof,” and this sets the standard for the fraternity: an organization comprised of gentlemen who strive to achieve greater and better things for themselves, each other and their community.

After being fully initiated, I realized that instead of only improving myself, which is why I first joined, my goals have changed to helping improve my fellow fraternity Brothers in any way I can.

The other fraternities, Sigma Pi, Kappa Delta Phi, Pi Kappa Alpha, and the co-ed fraternity Phi Pi Delta, are equally as dedicated to improving themselves and their communities.

Lets not forget about the wonderful sororities that make up Bridgewater State University’s Greek Life. Bridgewater’s sororities consist of Gamma Phi Beta, Phi Sigma Sigma, Alpha Sigma Tau, and Delta Phi Epsilon. The sorority sisters can be easily recognized by their t-shirts and sweaters they wear with their “letters”, or Greek sorority symbols on the front.

Much like the fraternities on campus, they each strive to improve the lives of each of their sisters, and their communities, in any way they can.

The Greek Life Community at Bridgewater not only strives to benefit their own organizations, but they also frequently have events in which both fraternities and sororities come together for a special, fun event. O

ne of the most recent events occurred in the Moakley auditorium on Tuesday, Nov. 4. The event was call the Phi Sig Feud, and it featured a pair of individuals from every fraternity and sorority on campus. They were each asked questions about the other person to see how much one knew of the other.

The admission was $3, and all of the proceeds went to the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation, which works towards schools and colleges in more struggling areas.

In addition, Delta Phi Epsilon is having a week of events dedicated to one of their philanthropies, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, from Nov. 17 to Nov. 19. Each event is on Facebook, and will be promoted all over campus.

Formal recruitment for sororities is happening next semester, and sign-ups are going on right now. For the month of November, women can sign up and pay only $10. Once November ends, the registration fee is $15.

Fraternities will also begin recruiting in the spring semester, so be on the lookout for information in the Student Announcements and around campus.

Greek Life is not all about the parties, games and other hype that you might think about when hearing the word Fraternity or Sorority. In fact, for Bridgewater State University, Greek Life is about making a difference while having fun in the process. As a great way to get involved at BSU, it is never a bad time to look into joining the Greek community.

Shawn Potter is a Comment staff writer.

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