What is the big deal with the new app Yik Yak?

By Shawn Potter

Comment Contributor

Yik Yak, available on most smartphones, has been a popular app recently. Photo by Kayla Lemay.
Yik Yak, available on most smartphones, has been a popular app recently. Photo by Kayla Lemay.


Smartphones of every kind power on across campus as students use one of their favorite social networking apps. This time, instead of posting a Facebook status, sending a Tweet or a Snapchat, students can now post anything onto Yik Yak.

As the apps description reads, it acts like a local bulletin board for your area by showing the most recent posts from other users around you. It allows anyone to connect and share information without the user having to know any of the other people using the app.

One of the most unique features of the app is that every post is different, namely because every post is anonymous. This does not mean that most of the posts generalize into a positive atmosphere. Many anonymous posts are very obscene, filled with profane statements and remarks, and some go as far as to publish the names of certain individuals.

In a message on the Student Announcement, Jason Pina, the Vice President of Student Affairs, addresses the concerns he has on how the app is affecting the integrity of the social life as well as the value and principles at BSU.

“One purpose of the First Amendment is to protect earnest debates on challenging subjects,” Pina said in the announcement. “The university embraces the values of the First Amendment even if in some instances statements that some may regard as offensive are expressed.”

Pina encouraged anyone who has been subject to cyberbullying to seek the appropriate resources for guidance at the Counseling Center, Campus Police, or the Title XI Coordinator.

It is the responsibility of every user who posts on Yik Yak to keep their posts on a level that does not cross the personal line of decency which may end up hurting someone else, either morally and or emotionally.

Despite the negativity that lies within Yik Yak, many individual posts are personal thoughts and opinions. Some of their comments may include how their favorite hockey, football or baseball team is doing. Others may want to relay a personal experience they wish to share.

No matter the range of comments, to where the comments are coming from, Yik Yak will be gaining some notoriety as one of the most popular social networking apps around for a while.

Shawn Potter is a Comment Contributor.

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