Twitter allows us to connect with Hollywood creators and celebrities

By Brooke Bigda

Comment Columnist

Getting in touch with celebrities is easier than before. Photo by Brooke Bigda.
Getting in touch with celebrities is easier than before. Photo by Brooke Bigda.


Remember those days when you were watching TV and thought, ‘how great it would be to be able to talk to your favorite characters, ask them questions and see what they’re up to?’

Thanks to the power of social media, that dream has become a reality.

Popular television shows, including “Pretty Little Liars” and “Girl Meets World” stays connected with their fans using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. By following these shows on social networks, you can see what the actors and writers doing on and off the set.

In the past, you typically would not see actors tweeting or posting directly to a fan’s account, or even talking to them in general, but recently that has changed. Cast members of “Pretty Little Liars” will post news on Facebook and Twitter announcing special nights when they will be able to tweet with fans during the show. This sounds like a dream come true for any PLL fan.

Even writers of the show get involved in communicating with their viewers. “Girl Meets World,” the spin-off from the popular 90’s show “Boy Meets World,” has become involved in the influence of social media.

On Twitter, fans have been asking writers of the show questions about upcoming episodes, when they will air, and more. Recently more fans have been curious about who will be appearing in the next episodes.

Fans have been awaiting for the original “Boy Meets World” characters, including Cory’s best friend Shawn, his old teacher Mr. Feeny, and everyones favorite older brother Eric. So, the writers of “Girl Meets World” took notice.

In fact, just last week on Nov. 27, Twitter user @derpdiderp1, named Katy, tweeted “@GMWWriters Will she see any more shawn season 2? I know you just filmed one with him…(ps love you guys).”

Writers tweeted back, “@derpdiderp1 yes. he has a wonderful story.”

By retweeting this question and answering it, we can clearly see that the writers of the show really values their fans and keep them excited about future episodes.

In this decade, our advances in technology allows us to be in contact with anyone around the world. So, why would popular TV shows and high rating networks even bother with joining Twitter and revealing information about the show and what will happen next?

There are so many advantages when using social media. Television networks use social media to allow their fans to view recent pictures and sneak peeks of upcoming episodes. The shows and networks take advantage of this opportunity in order to gain the loyalty of their fans and even build up their ratings.

Overall, I think it is such a great thing on both the shows and fans. These actors, writers, and creators of the shows really care about their viewers. They want to know what their fans want to get out of the show and their opinions to make the show better. In the end, I really believe it does.

Brooke Bigda is a Comment Columnist.

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