Career Services helps BSU students with their job hunt

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Bridgewater State University (BSU) students are given access to various resources on campus. For example, Career Services can lead to new job opportunities for BSU students.

“We help all students, from freshmen to seniors, transition from student to professional, and our goal is to guide students in the right direction to becoming a marketable individual,” said John Paganelli, the director of Career Services.

Here are a few of the tips that are provided on Career Service’s website that can guide students towards a successful career path:

Start dressing for success.

Career Services website reads, “Never let a poorly chosen outfit speak louder than you. If you want to advance in your career, dress so people respect you, not inspect you.”

If you need help creating a resume, or would like your resume edited, visit Career Service’s How to Write a Resume workshop Monday, Sept. 28th from 2:00 – 3:00pm in RCC 209. If you can’t make the workshop, there is also step-by-step process located on Career Service’s website under “Creating a Resume.”

A student of BSU, Deanna Filzow, said “I was lost when I was told to create a resume for myself until I checked out the link on Career Service’s website. They give you everything you need to know including the smallest details you may be confused about!”

Of course, there may still be concerns regarding your resume when you’ve completed it, so additionally, Career Services offers Resume Critiques that are available during Drop-In hours at RCC (Monday – Thursday, 11:00 – 2:00pm).

Having a professional outfit and a critique resume will give you the confidence you need for exactly what you’ve been working towards: an interview. Confidence is the biggest asset a person can have. For some people, confidence is innate and easy. For others, this may need a little work and practice. Be aware of your body posture – stand upright and maintain eye contact. Be sure to project your voice so the employer can understand what you’re saying. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and make a good first impression.

A mistake many students make is to assume Career Services isn’t something to worry about until their junior and senior years, or rather when they’re approaching graduation.

Paganelli easily explains why getting your foot in the door early is important for your future.

“The ultimate goal is to start the ball rolling beginning with freshmen because the more internships/interviews/job shadows the student has under their belt when graduation comes around, the more marketable of a student you are,” said Paganelli.

He emphasizes how vital it is for students to get themselves out there as soon as possible, thus giving employers an idea of who that student is are before graduating.

When asked if Paganelli had any success stories of students who have taken advantage of Career Services in the past, he was able to present a list of YouTube videos on the Career Service’s website that showcases student success at BSU involving internships that went really well and/or job opportunities.

Paganelli also mentioned “there are alumni who have come back to BSU to explain what they’re doing now and how past internships have helped them get to where they are today.” It’s a good feeling to know you’re ahead of them game, and that’s why Career Services is here to guide you from “student to professional,” in hope that you’ll become a marketable individual in your area of interest before and after graduation.

For more information, please reference the Career Services page to help you develop your path to success and make a great impression in future interviews.

Melanie Tummino and Riana Quinn are Comment Contributors.

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