Health and Fitness: How to keep those New Years resolutions and feel stronger and healthier

Taylor Gramkowski
Staff Writer


It’s that time of year again. New Year’s has come and gone and our resolution lists are nowhere to be found, and maybe we prefer it that way. Let’s face it, making the list is the easy part. But when it comes to following through, we’re constantly making excuses that only hurt us more in the end.

It’s time to take a stand, to say no thank you to the lunch lady asking if you’d like bacon with your eggs, and yes to your long awaiting gym membership. Whether it’s about how you look or feel, we all know getting (and staying) fit is important. So before the warmer weather hits let’s take advantage of it. There’s no better time than the present.  

Eating healthy and exercising isn’t just about looking better. It’s about feeling better, taking care of your body, feeling more energized and promoting a longer and happier life for yourself.

Looking to make a change? Check out the following tips and tricks to getting (and staying) motivated.

Start a journal and rewrite all of your forgotten resolutions. Go through the day consciously aware of what you’re choosing to eat and make sure to write it down in your journal. Looking back can really help motivate you to do better, especially when your friends bowl of fried chicken is staring you in the face.

Tell a friend. Whether you’re looking for a health and fitness buddy, or support from someone that can help keep you on track, having a friend there for you is reassuring when you feel like you’re going it alone.

Plan your workout and meal schedule the week before, every detail of it. Through taking advantage of only a half an hour of time each weekend to plan out your upcoming meals and workouts ahead of time will make you less likely to bail out when the going gets tough.

Write yourself encouraging notes and stick them around your room or on your fridge. They might be as silly as, “My body is more important than a chocolate bar,” and they will really work.

Use a reward system. Change is difficult no matter what angle you look at it from, and sometimes we need the light at the end of the tunnel to get us through. At the end of each successful week, reward yourself by planning a fun day out with friends or enjoying a cup of tea at your favorite coffee shop.

Post your progress. Whether it’s on social media or bedroom bulletin board it’s important to note the tiny transformations occurring from one week to the next. As you push forward, it’s the before and after pictures that will allow you to recognize all of your accomplishments and allow you to stay motivated to achieve your future goals.

As with any new venture change can be difficult, but change for the better is always worth it. So next time you glance over at your new year’s resolutions or sit down to make another goal, make it with intention. Decide that this is your year and don’t let the minor everyday setbacks keep you from working toward your goal.

Taylor Gramkowski is a Comment staff writer.

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