Why Teachers Should Be Paid More Money

Breanna Palhete
Comment Contributor

Working long demanding hours, with little pay is not an easy task of a teacher. Teachers do not go into the teaching world for the money, they do it out of love and passion for children and their education.

The average starting salary of your typical teacher is 40,000 and the average ending salary is approximately 57,000.  This is pennies to most. Since the pay is so small, most teachers have to go get a second job, while some even have three.

Teachers sacrifice so much of their time to watch children everyday. They play with them, feed them, and most importantly, mold them, into what being an adult is. Teachers are our leaders, they’re there everyday to help guide us and make us better people.

While money might not be the reward teachers receive when working hard with children, this doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be nice to raise their pay. Other rewards that teachers find in their career include the positive impacts they leave on their students. Teachers literally change lives everyday.

Being a teacher is such an admirable quality. Teachers do their job again out of love and passion for children’s education. They don’t ask for money but they deserve it. Teachers are paid a bare minimum but they work above and beyond and deserve a higher pay grade. The amount of money that they are being payed sends a message to the youth, and having them be payed more would be incredible. They do so much for our communities that they should be inclined with a higher pay.

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