There are many benefits of being single for college students

Ceilidh Adams
Opinion Editor

It’s a bright, beautiful fall day out and the leaves are crunching beneath my feet, and I, with sweet delicious coffee in hand, am walking to class, listening to one of my favorite songs, “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift.

I am a ridiculous hopeless romantic–I love romantic comedies, and as cheesy as they are, I have this ridiculous fantasy that I will drop some books some day and  my Prince Charming will be there to help me pick them up.

These views exist, despite the fact that, like most of my friends, my parents are divorced. I am a hopeless romantic despite the fact that I am single, and have been for a little while now. I am a hopeless romantic despite the fact that my longest relationship happened when I was in high school, and it only lasted for a few months.

Do not get me wrong, sometimes when I look around and see all of the couples that surround me, I wish for that. Sometimes, being single is terrible(most especially, I think, on days like Valentine’s Day). Despite this, there are many benefits to being single that I take advantage of every day.

First of all, I am young. Though it may be cliche to say, right now, I am working on my dreams and with school, work, my passions, clubs and activities, downtime, hanging out with my friends and family, and everything else that I have to do, I know that it is just not the right time for me to commit to a long-term relationship.

Right now, it is time for me to focus on me, and my dreams, and not on having a relationship. One huge benefit that I take advantage of is that by not having a significant other in my life, I now have more energy and time to pour into accomplishing my goals.

I also have all of the opportunities in the world to explore my options in the dating world. Being single allows me to have the freedom to look around at all the fish in the sea and to see what I want, without committing to anything definitely. Being single allows me the opportunity to have a crush on someone, and I do not even have to do anything about that crush if I do not want to.

Relationships are hard work, they are time consuming and they require energy and love and commitment and compromise, and money. Being single, I can pour this energy and love and commitment, compromise and money into other, important things in my life. Also, I am saving money by not having to spend any on my significant other, and I can spend this money that I saved on other things, or on myself.

I’m still waiting on my Prince Charming, but right now, I am going to focus on myself, explore my options, and enjoy being single. College is a wonderful time for anyone, whatever their preference, to explore the dating world and explore where their interests may lie. While having a significant other is wonderful and love is the best feeling anyone can experience, being single has many perks as well.

So if you are single, do not panic or feel sad. Instead, look around you and use this time to get to know yourself and your interests. Focus on your dreams, and on yourself, and do not worry–your Prince Charming will come.

Ceilidh Adams is the Opinion Editor for The Comment. Email her at

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