Bridgewater State top 5 trends of the Week

By Lilly Devine

Comment Staff

1. RIP Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird was this new game that was available in the app store, until the creator, Nguyen Ha Dong took it off the market because “he couldn’t take it anymore.” As this game hit the app store in May of last year, it didn’t get into the top three until mid-January. As to why this game with graphics that make it look like it is from the 90s skyrocketed, who knows, but Nguyen Ha Dong said it was becoming a problem. He will not sell it and it is now off the app store. Good news is though, if you already downloaded it beforehand, you can keep it forever.

2. @BSUConfessions

Since Bridgewater State started with the Twitter pages (@BSUcrushes, @BSUbananaeaters, etc.), @BSUConfessions grew in popularity then fell off the map. Now, their Twitter is under new ownership and funnier than ever. Follow them if you want a good laugh, but not if you want a little X-rated content in your feed.

3. Winter Fashion

It’s back to school already and the weather is colder than ever. Hats, gloves and big jackets are on the list of things you need to have to keep warm while walking to classes. Long coats are now the thing to wear with a pair of leggings and an oversized sweater. Earmuffs are also making a comeback, but if you aren’t an earmuff type of person, a wool headband will do the same job. Going to school in the cold will be easier and effortless with this trend.

4. Extracurricular Activities

As spring semester starts, students are getting back into the groove of busy schedules and organizations are looking for students to join their clubs. There are so many activities for all different interests on campus. Whether it’s joining Bridgewater State’s acapella group Noteworthy or signing up for intramurals, there is something for everyone. Student announcements are always advertising activities available on campus, or you can also go to your major’s main office if you want to get more involved within your degree.

5. Alpha Sigma Tau

Alpha Sigma Tau is the newest sorority to join Bridgewater State. They have started recruiting this week and will have bid day on Thursday, Feb. 13. Alpha Sigma Tau will join the Panhellenic community as the fourth National Panhellenic Conference member group, and the colony at Bridgewater State University will be the fifth Alpha Sigma Tau collegiate group in the state of Massachusetts. If you are interested or know girls who are, please email or visit their Facebook, Alpha Sigma Tau at Bridgewater State University.

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