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By Sarah Walker

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Campus Movie Fest

After 92 movies were submitted in Bridgewater State University’s Campus Movie Fest, only 16 were chosen by judges to play at last week’s event. After the top 16 were played, the award winners were announced for Best Picture, Best Comedy, and Best Drama

Best Drama: Wishbone

Wishbone tells the story of a bullied young boy. After tragedy continues to follow him, he decides to make a wish from a wishbone his sister gave him. Having his wish come true means getting revenge from the peer who has wronged him most.

Senior Communication Studies major Mackinnon Capen was the director, editor, writer, and producer for the film. Capen’s theme for the film was centered on how bullies create bullies.


“While I take a lot of inspiration from the experience, as I’d hope most films would be, there were a few films I used as inspiration as well,” Capen said.

Some of these inspirational films that helped Capen and his creative process were After School, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Ink.

As for casting, the team went through agencies and Capen shifted through the possible actors. After 70 people had showed up, Capen said he then held auditions.

A still from Wishbone.

For Capen, he looks forward to getting to know people who love filmmaking at the Hollywood workshops.


“A lot of quality comes from the people you meet and their areas of expertise,” said Capen.

Best Comedy: Brain Congress

This comedy reveals the inner thoughts of a student taking a History exam. While the student has trouble remembering what was said in class, the people in his head help him along.

Travis Garlick, who was an actor and the director of the film, said his inspirations did not come from one source.

“I’ve had an idea in my head for a comedy bit where it shows your thought process but in an abstract way,” he said.

The recently released Oscar winner, Lincoln, also helped Garlick for ideas.

“I liked the chaos involved whenever they were in court, it’s how I got the mallet idea,” Garlick said. “So yeah I just put two and two together and it came out pretty funny.”

After his film was nominated last year, Garlick said he knew he had potential. However, he did not want to assume the best, but hoped viewers would find the same things funny.

Since Garlick wants to further his career in filmmaker, winning meant a lot to the BSU student.

“I feel very proud when it’s all over because I’m not very good at technical aspects so when it wins I know that my ideas are worth it. I know I could do well as a screenwriter, “ said Garlick.

Best Picture: I4I


This futuristic drama is based around a mother trying to save her son’s life. In order to do so, she must get around the government’s tactics and put her own life in danger.

Graduate BSU student and director of I4I, Melissa Ellard, was unavailable for comment. Ellard was the director, producer, and editor for the film.

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