Infused hydration station offers healthy beverage option to students

By Elizabeth Sekkes

Comment Staff

Bridgewater State University has set up infused hydration stations for students to use at the dinning commons across campus. Elizabeth Sekkes - Photo.
Bridgewater State University has set up infused hydration stations for students to use at the dinning commons across campus. Elizabeth Sekkes – Photo.

To the weary student with a full day of classes, proper hydration can sometimes be overlooked.  This lack of hydration could be due to the fact that in the morning rush to get to classes, the student forgot to take the necessary provisions with him or her.

The good news, however, is the Bears’ Den in the Rondileau Campus Center, as well as cafeterias on the east side of campus, have recently started to supply fresh, naturally flavored water to students at any time during the long school day.

Near the backside of the Dunkin Donuts in Bears’ Den for instance, sits an infused hydration station with two glass canisters full to the brim with healthy flavored water. A stack of plastic cups near the canisters welcomes students to pause for a sip or two throughout the day.

The canisters of water bear remnants of the water’s flavoring, in the form of cucumber peels and orange slices, for example, ensuring the understanding that the water is fresh and natural.

Last Friday, the offered flavors were cucumber basil and peppermint citrus, but the flavors are continuously being updated and changed.

Senior Jen Drisko, a history and elementary education major said the infused hydration station is a tasty and convenient addition to campus.

“The ones I tried were really good,” Drisko said. “There was a strawberry one and that was really good. I think it’s nice that they have free drinks in case you’re hard for money or in case you didn’t bring any.”

Since the infused hydration station is free, it has appealed to some students.

“I tried the pineapple and blueberry one,” said Victoria Sousa, a senior marketing major. “It was really good. It’s not too strong. It tastes really good. Free is always good.”

Simona Kalcheva, a junior psychology major, said she appreciates the infused hydration station for its aesthetic and healthful appeal.

“I thought the huge containers filled with water and fruit looks so unique and colorful, I felt drawn to them,” said Kalcheva. “I tasted a few of the flavors and I was addicted.”

Kalcheva also said the infused hydration station has helped her to get through her busy days of classes.

“The most amazing thing is that after drinking the water, I felt so naturally energized due to the natural vitamins and antioxidants in the water from all the fruit,” said Kalcheva. “I did not feel the need to get coffee to make it throught the day because the healthy water fueled me up.”

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