Valentine’s Day can be beneficial for single people

By Christina Fazio

Comment Staff

Flowers and jewelry are popular gifts given on Valentine's Day, in addition to hearts filled with chocolates and teddy bears.
Flowers and jewelry are popular gifts given on Valentine’s Day, in addition to hearts filled with chocolates and teddy bears.

It’s that time of year again. If you’re single, you have probably been reminded you are single every time you stepped foot inside CVS within the past couple of weeks.

You are then made aware of just how many ways someone could actually tell you they love you, and have then probably thought to center your Valentine’s Day plans around misery, jealousy and other self-destructive behavior.

For those of us who won’t be attending a romantic dinner reservation for two this Friday night, no need to fret, there are plenty of ways to celebrate your existence as an independent individual.

Let it be known you should never allow the absence or presence of a significant other to rectify your existence. As Shirley MacLaine once said, “The most profound relationship we will ever have is the one within ourselves.” Think about it.

If you are single, you have no dependents and no restrictions bounding your abilities to do as you please. This is probably one of the few moments you will ever have this much freedom in your life.

Perhaps spending the day mapping out everything you want to do as an individual, before you decide to merge your identity in marriage, could be the most productive activity you can engage in this Valentine’s Day.

While we have plenty of friends planning baby showers and making plans to tie the knot, utilize this prime opportunity to find out who you are. Whether this means booking that spontaneous trip to New Zealand like you have always wanted, or even just by making out with a complete stranger, this is your time to express your freedom and explore life as you wish.

Before you decide to spend Valentine’s day being envious of those in relationships, carefully consider your time you have left to enjoy life independently. Life is what happens while you’re busy doing other things.

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