Senior-year bucket list: things to accomplish before you graduate

Shawn Potter
Comment Contributor

If you are in your last year here at Bridgewater State University (BSU), chances are that you felt that moving in and getting settled was easy; it was nothing compared to the overwhelming stress you felt coming to school as a freshmen.

Over time, as you became more involved and integrated into campus life, it has probably occurred to you that there are a few things you’d like to do before earning that degree.

However you prefer to name that Senior Year Bucket list, it probably includes some adventurous things, adventures and opportunities that you will not have the chance to do in the “real world.”  I already know that I have done many amazing things at BSU, along with the opportunities I did not take advantage of.

So one may ask, “How could I make my own Senior Year Bucket List?” The answer is actually very simple. Write down all of the things that you have done this semester, so that you are able to see what you can still do.

Once you have that, do those things which you have not yet done. Whether there is a club you have always wanted to be a part of but simply have not had the time to join, or even a book you haven’t had time to read.

Bucket Lists are all about reaching beyond your comfort zone as well. It is a healthy and necessary part of growing in life to push past things in life that you are naturally hesitant towards. Perhaps you haven’t done an exhilarating sport that you are naturally afraid of, or a fear that you have not you conquered. Maybe there is a “special someone” in your life that you would like to take out on a date.

The key thing to remember is: this is your year as a senior at BSU. Conquer all that you want to achieve. Make the best of everyday that you have, and remember to have fun in everything that you can do.  

For example, I have lived in the same residence hall for two years. While it is a very nice building, I would like to know what it’s like to hang out in other residence halls.

Perhaps I will ask a friend if I can play a game over in their dorm at Scott or Woodward. I will utilize the gaming area in Weygand to play pool and ping pong with a friend, and go to more events that are hosted through the hall.

You need to take a step back and look at what you have done in order to realize what you still have the ability to do. That’s exactly what I did when I spoke to my advisor about my future plans. I gave him the rundown: graduate with honors, study abroad, apply for an internship, and look at career paths through the Career Center.  

Also, I am very involved and passionate about my Fraternity Brothers in Phi Kappa Theta. I have ideas and events that I would like to help plan.

For example, as the Philanthropy Chairperson, I take responsibility in planning a fundraising event each semester to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network. I would sincerely take pride in being able to recruit at least one gentlemen to join the fraternity before I graduate.

As another part of my own list, I want to personally reach out to at least one other person on campus and help them to join an organization to get more involved at BSU. If you are not a very extroverted person, this task is one that will be not only important to break out of your comfort zone but you will feel deeply rewarded in doing so.  

Outside of my on-campus involvement, I constantly make the effort to balance out my life to separate work from play or down time. I believe that is one of the most important things that any senior could do with the time they have left at BSU. It is stressful and exhausting to try and balance life, no matter who you are, without taking the time to enjoy what makes you happy in life.  

Shawn Potter is a Comment Contributor. Follow him on Twitter @Shawn_Potter.

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