Jumpstart donates Baskets of Love for the holiday season

By Marissa Bean

Comment Staff


The season of giving is almost upon us, and Jumpstart already has an early start.

Baskets of Love is a donation drive being run by Jumpstart here on campus at Bridgewater State University. The program provides much-needed winter items to low-income families in the area.

According to Samantha Roman, a volunteer coordinator for Jumpstart, individuals or teams will be matched up with one of 75 low-income families from Brockton or Taunton to create a basket of items for winter.

The families make a wishlist of things they need or want, which typically include toys for Christmas, books, blankets, or clothing like coats or scarves.

The families receiving the baskets are the families of the children who are served by Jumpstart volunteers in local preschools.

The baskets benefit all members of the family, including parents and siblings, according to Roman. The information for donations and wishlists are being distributed this week. The completed baskets will be distributed on Dec. 10.

Participants are assigned to a family based on how much the group or individual can afford to contribute to the drive. People who are unable create a basket can donate gift cards to places like Walmart or Market Basket, according to Roman.

Many groups on campus participate in this drive, which is in its eleventh year. The Maxwell Library, the Academic Achievement Center, and Sodexo, as well as numerous student organizations and individuals, donate baskets. Roman said that all baskets distributed are given anonymously.

While circumstances can make it difficult to make large donations, the contributions are always appreciated by the recipients.

“The families that we have are grateful for anything we give them because ‘Baskets of Love’ is not really about what we’re giving them. It’s showing them that we care about our community members,” Roman said.


Marissa Bean is a Comment staff writer. You can follow her on Twitter at @MarLaur16.


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