Spring course registration is often difficult, but usually frustrating

By Marissa Bean

Comment Staff


It’s everybody’s favorite time of the year!


Yes, it’s coming and it’s going to be delicious, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

Winter break?

That’s quickly approaching too, but there’s more excitement on the horizon.

Yes my friends, registration for next semester is right around the corner!

If you haven’t already put up your registration decorations, now is the time. Hang your degree audit on the walls. Create a banner only using advising forms filled out with classes that are already filled. Most importantly, don’t forget to put your tear-soaked tissues under your pillow for the registration fairy.

The stress of registration is like no other. The anxiety over finals (which are also right around the corner, in case you’ve forgotten) makes you worry about your grades and whether or not you’re going to pass your classes. Registration gets you worked up over classes that don’t start for more than two months.

You have to pick out the classes you need first. I find this to be the most stressful part. How am I supposed to decide on a class when I don’t know what it’s about and I’ve never met the professor? We just blindly choose our courses and hope for the best.

Advising isn’t the worst part, but I would never say that it’s the best. I spent over thirty minutes with my advisor last spring. We talked about my classes for about three minutes, and I, the rare chatterbox when I’m with strangers, spent far too long talking about libraries. They were not relevant to the issue of registration, but I felt the need to discuss them anyway.

The real anxiety sets in after your advising session. You might have to wait several days or even weeks waiting to actually sign up for classes. You’ll spend those days pondering if you’ll get into the classes you want. You might periodically check to see if your chosen classes are still there, and once others start registering, if the classes have filled up yet.

Then registration day arrives, and it arrives early.

The convenience of registering is just astounding. I just love waking up before sunrise to sit in a dark room looking at my bright laptop screen. I could stare directly into the sun and my eyes wouldn’t hurt this much.

Living on campus has its advantages, like numerous alarms going off at 5:50 for registration in the same room. Last year, my roommate woke up at 5:30 despite the fact that the website doesn’t open until precisely 6. I guess she was just well-prepared.

Hopefully you have fast fingers and can read a series of numbers quickly. As soon as registration opens, you have to type in the CRN number as rapidly as your little fingers can.

If you manage to stay conscious while waiting for your registration information to be submitted, you might be rewarded for your early wake up call with all the classes you wanted. If not, you quickly have to find another class to take.

I wish there was some kind of powerful advice I could give you about registration, like how to avoid stress and get all the classes your little heart desires. I need you to give me advice because I always get overly worked up about signing up for classes too.

Here’s the only advice I have:

Try not be nervous. Don’t have a mental breakdown before the sun comes up. Please don’t take your stress out on your roommates and friends; they’re stressed too. Charge your laptop. Have all the papers you need nearby. If you want, get an ethernet cord to help guarantee that you can connect to the Internet.

One other thing: set five alarms. You’ll be more stressed out if you sleep until noon on registration day. Well-rested, but stressed.

You’ll be fine. Good luck.


Marissa Bean is a Comment staff writer. Follow her on Twitter at @MarLaur16.

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