In the wake of a gun scare on campus, Bridgewater State University students have reacted in a couple of different ways. Some students are angry about Human versus Zombies being played on campus, saying it isn’t age appropriate, is distracting, and brings about disruptions such as what happened at the library.


Other students think those who called police overreacted, that the police overreacted in arresting Christopher Tutkus, and that it is a shame we live in a world where a Nerf gun can stir up so much trouble.


The reality is, if a person is swinging around what appears to be a gun on campus, I would hope someone would take action.


I was immediately relieved and felt safer about our campus, knowing there are students who are skeptical and aware and are willing to be a little precautious.


On Friday, some students felt unsafe when a Nerf gun was mistaken for an actual gun at the library leading to a building evacuation and the arrest of a student.


I sympathize for Tutkus. I acknowledge that he meant no malice and I believe he is truly sorry for any anxiety he might have caused. But I do feel very strongly that the steps taken are something that Bridgewater State should be proud of.


I am glad students were proactive when they saw something they thought was suspicious, and I’m glad the police reacted the way they did.


For my own safety, and the safety of many friends and mentors who I love on campus, I find great comfort in a zero tolerance reaction to the possibility of a weapon on campus.

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  1. Very well said Alexandra. Police response errs on the side of public safety because they cannot afford to be wrong. It would seem that the (partially) concealed blaster and Tutkus’s suspicious behavior were at the heart of the matter. The discovery of the knife just added to his woes when he was detained. I wouldn’t condemn HvZ as a whole, but perhaps some common sense or rule revision needs to be injected into such a game.

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